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New improved formula June 2022

SMALL SIZE is 2 fl. oz.


---ONE APPLICATION is all that is necessary with eXe "GOLD'!


Small size not available for INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING


The Original plant feminizer. SINCE 1999.

This ready-to-use spray will sexually reverse ALL female plants, including dioecious vegetables, ornamentals, and hops(lupulus) for beer making, providing the breeder with pollen that will only produce female offspring. Complete Directions, instructions and helpful literature included.

U.S. SHIPPING ONLY on the SMALL (2 fl. oz.) size. There is NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING of the SMALL size.

-Unique proprietary Hybri-Tech Formula, with decades of R&D. eXe is not replicated in any other similar hybridizing agents.

-Medium and Large size International shipping is AVAILABLE and is ACTIVE.

---ALSO SOLD ON EBAY! Email for CASH, Venmo or Cash app options.


Also Sold on --Seller: Hybri-Tech

eliteXelite 'GOLD' (2 fl. oz. size) US SHIPPING ONLY

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