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eliteX elite Hybridization Tool was first developed in 1999, and subsequently released in 2001, and this spawned the feminized seedline revolution. Now you can make elite crosses, selfings, backcrosses, test crossess, research, and seedline improvements, and more, while working in the realm of FEMALE--ONLY PLANTS. eXe will temporarily reverse the sexual phenotype of ALL your elite female annual and perennial plants. This results in feminized pollen for breeding of all elite dioecious floriculture plants, vegetable crops, ornamental perennials, and more. This pollen will not produce MALE offspring!


Hybri-Tech's unique proprietary reversal tool ensures RELIABLE success with ONE APPLICATION only, which is unlike any of the subsequent market attempts to replicate eliteXelite Hybridization Tool. The Hybri-Tech founder -a commercial cutflower grower, research scientist and plant breeder- understands the tool has to be simple to use, and it has to work EVERY TIME, and 'eXe' answers the call.

 Feminized breeding has proven highly beneficial to commercial seedcrop producers, and many of the world's amateur plant breeders; a completely viable approach with NO adverse reactions ever shown. Today, the results are heavily documented and feminization has been proven. 'eXe' has been shown over and over to be the most outstanding reversal tool available; The undisputed King of Feminizers!

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